Dare to IMAGINE Education Beyond Traditional Schooling!

We use a social learning model powered by knowledge, technology, and Love to fuse learners’ interests with academics to accomplish goals.

Our Founding Members

Take back control of your child’s education!

SĀHGE Academy is the independent school choice for families who want to raise passion-seeking, purpose-driven free thinkers.

  • Personalized Education Plan
  • Civic Education
  • Expert Subject Area Teachers
  • Freedom from Mandates
  • Support for Learners with Unique Needs
  • Arts and Literacy Enrichment

Why Choose Us?

SĀHGE Academy provides a safe and personalized learning milieu that allows students to self-actualize.

We provide Civic Education.

We empower families to exercise the right to educate their children in a way that’s culturally and spiritually responsive.

We’re not just another school. We’re your family’s education partner for life.

Our tuition rates won’t break the family bank.

Education Beyond

Traditional Schooling!

SAHGE Academy institutes social studies as a bedrock for achieving proficient reading literacy. Our name highlights Science, Arts, History, Government, and Economics as the broken pillars in need of restoration to support any educational program of value to its subscribers.
  • Personalized Education Plan
  • Civic Literacy
  • Live, Interactive Classes w/ Experienced Teachers (self-paced options available)
  • Private, Innovative and Engaging Learning and Social Management System

Trusted by Students and Families

We use a social learning model powered by knowledge, technology and love to fuse learners’ interests with academics to accomplish goals.

“Powerful. Auriyah enjoyed the class and Amayah has a great time learning. You really have a passion for teaching.”
Shayla S.
“I found some old essays written by my 17 year old self in the 12th grade classroom of the BEST English teacher I’ve ever had! Not only did she push me to be a better writer but also a better thinker/philosopher. Thank you, Arden Santana, you made a huge impact on many.”
Raynoldo R.

Get the Confidence and Support You Need to Educate Beyond School

We are unaccredited in solidarity to the right and responsibility to educate our children without government hindrance.

We’re a membership of  parents who acknowledge ourselves as our children’s first and primary educators, whether they’re enrolled in a traditional school, an alternative school, or homeschooled.

*Payment Plans Available*


Enrolling Now For the 22-23 School Year

Self-paced Classes

(Teen Academy Offerings)

Starting at $300

  • Performance Feedback From Experienced Teachers
  • Language Arts and Civics Classes
  • Access to Our Private Social Community
  • Certificate of Completion

youth Academy

Full-Time in New Haven, Connecticut Only


For Ages 6-11
  • On-site Learning
  • Foundational Subjects
  • Arts Enrichment
  • Digital and Economic Literacy
  • Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Montessori-Inspired

Teen Academy

Full-Time Annual Enrollment


For Ages 12-17
  • Live, Interactive Classes w/ Experienced Teachers (self-paced options available)
  • Foundational and Social Science Classes
  • Foreign Language
  • Access to Our Private Social Community
  • Certificates of Completion or Transcripts Available

Why Civics is the Essential Course

We’re living in a highly politicized world. Education itself is a political act. Schools’ mission statement across the country promise the development of productive, responsible and engaged citizens. Ironically, less than twenty-five percent of eighth graders in the U.S. are proficient in Civics, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

It’s furthermore disconcerting that the congressionally mandated project doesn’t require that an assessment of civic literacy be administered in twelfth grade, the point in life when students are entering the world as young adults. How is this progress?

How is a man or woman supposed to participate in political processes or engage in civic activity in meaningful ways towards the ends of liberty and happiness, without civic education? SĀHGE Academy’s Civic Education curriculum is a social learning experience in which students engage in service learning, action civics and discussion to demonstrate proficiency.


Are classes online or onsite?

The Teen Academy meets virtually, and classes are generally between 10AM and 2pm Mondays through Thursdays. The Youth Academy meets onsite, in New Haven (Connecticut) only, generally between 9:30AM and 3PM, Mondays through Thursdays. Accepting that virtual is the new normal, we maintain a safe, innovative and engaging learning and social management system for live and self-paced online classes for middle school through adult learners.

Would my family have to pay the full tuition for a sibling?

No, we offer a discounted tuition rate for multiple enrollments from within the same household or family. Please note that a one-time administrative fee is charged annually, per student. This fee is reduced for returning students and siblings.

How do I keep track of my child’s academic performance?

Parents or caregivers are granted full access to our learning management system (LMS). The LMS logs assignments, assignment submissions and teacher feedback. As your educational partner, we support you in maintaining a documentation system conducive to your state’s Education Department requirements. Our Collegiate Life Counseling program assesses if a traditional grading system is required to meet the expectations of a student’s post-secondary plan. Our assessment of student performance and knowledge acquisition is formative, and our assessment of student mastery in a given area of study is project and creation based. Hence, portfolio creation and maintenance is part of our curriculum. Parents receive a quarterly narrative benchmark report.

What is a Social Management System (SMS)?

Accepting that virtual is the new normal, we maintain an innovative and engaging social learning community. Our community- when not physically together- is embedded in our website, as a safe alternative to social media platforms like FaceBook particularly. Children are guaranteed a safe environment, free from predators, judgment, bullying and pressure to conform. Parents of enrolled students are designated as moderators to monitor the youth feed. Adults are uncensored in our discussions. Parents and teachers are able to connect with one another, ensuring that communications, information and notifications are constant, timely and consistent.

Can students participate in virtual classes from a phone or tablet?

It is highly suggested that students login from a laptop or desktop device for an optimal learning experience. Our teachers use interactive learning platforms, along with Zoom, to make learning fun, engaging and transparent.