Curriculum Scope and Sequence

Our lessons are designed and modified as needed to accommodate beginner through advanced level learners. We empower students intellectually, socially, and emotionally in order for them to achieve personal goals, participate in civic engagement, pursue their passions, labor with purpose, and create value in the world according to their economic success criteria! Parents actively join us alongside their children because SĀHGE Academy offers exactly what they desire in an educational experience.

Get the Confidence and Support You Need to Educate Beyond School

We are unaccredited in solidarity to the right and responsibility to educate our children without government hindrance.

We’re a membership of  parents who acknowledge ourselves as our children’s first and primary educators, whether they’re enrolled in a traditional school, an alternative school, or homeschooled.

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  • Performance Feedback From Experienced Teachers
  • Language Arts and Civics Classes
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For Ages 6-11
  • On-site Learning
  • Foundational Subjects
  • Arts Enrichment
  • Digital and Economic Literacy
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  • Montessori-Inspired

Teen Academy

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For Ages 12-17
  • Live, Interactive Classes w/ Experienced Teachers (self-paced options available)
  • Foundational and Social Science Classes
  • Foreign Language
  • Access to Our Private Social Community
  • Certificates of Completion or Transcripts Available


SĀHGE educators are experienced in differentiating lessons so that they’re learner-centered and directed and peer-supported. Our pedagogy embeds assessment in instruction and weighs performance against benchmarks, projects and portfolios.

Learners will advance through the hierarchies of science, gaining knowledge in quantum physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy.

The study of science is multi-faceted and requires the use of skills in research, critical questioning, and problem–solving. Students study and experiment in the branches of science in order to understand the world around us and to design and create new realities. Learners will advance through the hierarchies of science, gaining knowledge in quantum physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy.

SĀHGE Academy’s interdisciplinary approach allows for purposeful and self-directed research and exploration. Logic, reasoning, ethics, and mathematics are embedded in all aspects of the curriculum scope and sequence. Choose from General Science (live class) OR Chemistry (self-paced).

Students will study literary contributions from around the world and across genres to foster this understanding while gaining critical skills–sets in textual analysis, logic, oral communication and writing. Access to a comprehensive visual art program affords our students the opportunity to explore and develop their unique creativity and produce diverse kinds of art projects.
Arts & Literature


The study of literature of all genres and cultures offers the best exposure to diverse cultures and historical events, next to travel. Optimal personal, social, occupational, and civic engagement is dependent upon knowing self first and then seeking understanding of others. Students will study literary contributions from around the world and across genres to foster this understanding while gaining critical skill–sets in textual analysis, logic, oral communication, and writing. Composition lessons are tailored to students’ interests and creative and occupational purposes for writing.


Students will gain oral, written and reading proficiency in a foreign language of choice. Learning a foreign language provides deeper insight into cultural and communication styles appropriate for this age of globalization. At SAHGE, we believe that foreign language skills increase options for interpersonal relationships and personal development as a globally-oriented, well-rounded citizen.


A core value at SAHGE Academy is accountability and connection through communication. In order to provide an informative, creative way for us to communicate with our learning communities, we will have a quarterly newsletter; several journals for home and classroom engagement; and a Parent’s Corner that will offer SAHGE updates, engaging activities, and links for further learning opportunities.


At SAHGE Academy, the study of the arts lies at the heart of all that is best in the human experience. It is enlightenment and creative expression that feeds the spirit and human heart. We offer contemporary ballet and African dance classes to afford our students an opportunity to express themselves creatively through movement in culturally diverse modalities.


Visual art is the voice of individuals, communities, and cultures, and it allows us to access all areas of human experience. Access to a comprehensive visual art program affords our students the opportunity to explore and develop their unique creativity and produce diverse kinds of art projects.

History defined is the study of peoples, places, and events of the world. Students will examine the geography, culture, economics, and politics of world phenomena- highlighting the point of view of people and experiences from the African diaspora- to appreciate the interdependence between countries, and analyze recorded historical documentation to make connections with the past, predictions, and solutions for the future, and to draw fact and research-based conclusions about the present.

Civic Education is SĀHGE Academy’s focal subject. Our Civics curriculum positions ones’ Self as the point of reference for engagement in the world. Students master an awareness of their self primarily and in relationship to society, beginning with their place in their family and local community. They learn how their local and state governments are created to operate and their purpose, and to understand the role and functions of the federal government. Our aim is to cultivate students’ civic literacy and informed engagement. Service learning, action civics and discussion are key assessment tools.

Introduction to Law

Introduction to Law is a specialty class within the Academy’s Civic Education curriculum. Students engage in intensive activities and discussion designed for exploration and critical analysis of the hierarchy, branches and implications of law, i.e. spiritual/universal, human-made, substantive and procedural.

Building a Wealth Mindset: Personal and Behavioral Finance

Inherent in establishing self-efficacy and community empowerment is learning how to manage our financial affairs. Throughout this course, students gain the skills needed to save, budget, invest, protect and build wealth for generations, while gaining practical knowledge about the personal values, cultural biases and psychology of commerce that impact our relationship to money. At the end of the course, students will acquire tools and strategies to manage finances, make self-empowering real-world choices, and protect present and future financial assets.

Building A Mathematical Mindset

Learn how to see the world both practically and through a mathematician’s eyes. Throughout this course, students will study historical influences on today’s mathematics and will work collaboratively on a variety of projects to find evidence of math in their personal, familial, and cultural rituals and traditions. At the end of the course, students will know how relevant history serves as a foundation for and impacts today’s math; how to quantify linear and exponential growth; understand and communicate size and shape for two and three-dimensional objects; and understand the meaning and purpose behind mathematical operations.

Trusted by Students and Families

We use a social learning model powered by knowledge, information, and technology to fuse learners’ interest with academics to accomplish goals.

SAHGE Academy offers a rich, caring, and culturally validating learning experience for students young and old. The adult offerings are thought-provoking and allow for community building, which in turn enhances the learning experience of the students enrolled in the Academy. I have seen the growth in my grandchildren both academically and socially since their attendance at SAHGE Academy. You definitely receive more than what you are paying for.
Katurah B.
My boys didn’t want to enroll in the live classes…they’re used to self-paced classes online. Now
they’re all fired up and
look forward to logging in!
Tasha V.