Education Beyond Traditional Schooling!

Through advocacy, connected learning, and communal resources, SĀHGE Academy evokes confidence and strengthens parents’ and caregivers’ commitment to being their children’s primary educator. 

What We're All About

Empowering Families to Pursue Liberty and Happiness through Literacy, Study and Practice.
Early 80's
Late 70’s and Early 80’s Pre-Destiny
Little Arden

Arden Santana enjoyed playing school with dolls, stuffed animals and any playmates who’d let her be the teacher. She had a chalkboard, information and knowledge to share. 

Late 80's
1988 - 1992 Passion For Writing & Literature
Teenage Arden

In 1988, Arden finished middle school and entered high school. She attended an arts-centered magnet school for fifth through eighth grades and enrolled in an allied health and business management magnet high school. Middle school evoked her aptitude for grammar, and high school stirred an appreciation for writing and literature and brought to life a gift for leadership, business administration and social engagement skills.

Early 90's
1993 Culture Shock
You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

So by 1992, Arden didn’t know that her education was incomplete. What was missing was a curriculum based on fact-based world history, and understanding of the vital importance of civics and economic literacy. She was later drawn to attending Howard University—an historically Black university—as a college freshman because she intuitively felt it was a place where Black pride was relevant and pervasive. If Arden were a woman who carried regrets, not graduating from Howard would be her only one. One year was not enough time to be saturated by the pride and culturally responsive curriculum that Howard University is known  or, and in 1993, unavoidable circumstances brought her to continue her undergraduate education back home at Southern Connecticut State University. Unlike her experiences at Howard, she was subjected to four years of education taught within a cultural paradigm which supported and reinforced Eurocentric values and political concerns, and disempowered the political and social concerns of people of color. Talk about culture shock!

Late 90's
1998 Manifestation
Grown and Living Where Her Soul Glows

Arden returned to the DC/MD/VA area where her life work in education and academia began.

Early 00's
2001 Rising of The Master Teacher
Arden Answers Her Calling To Teach

Arden answered her calling to teach! For seven years, she served at the head of American classrooms filled with indigenous students of color. Arden was an eye witness with first-hand knowledge of the United States Department of Education’s failure to address culturally relevant curricula and pedagogy.

2008-2011 Passion Extinguished
Running Out Of Fuel

With each passing year, the joy, excitement and creativity that fueled her capacity as a master teacher was extinguished by federal legislation, test-driven pedagogy, observations by corporate and other non-teacher stakeholders, and curricula devoid of fact-based world history, civics and economics.

2011-'17 The Private Educator
Serving The Community

Preparing for the delivery of her first child in 2011, Arden resigned from public school education to be the first and primary educator of her own daughters. She co-created Rootabagas Care & Learning Place with a clear purpose: keeping her position as head teacher of her children and serving the Greater New Haven community by providing quality early childcare and education. Rootabagas dissolved in 2017, when Arden had to split her time between Connecticut and Pennsylvania, and she could no longer devote the needed time and focus in maintaining the business.

Early 2020 Schools Closed Due To Pandemic
Arden And Her Family Answer With SĀHGE Academy!

Arden’s  Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania home school tribes banded tighter, planned and engaged each other’s children virtually. When parents and caregivers became frustrated with teachers not responding to emails; with themselves not being able to help their child(ren) with assignments; with over balancing the demands of remote learning and working from home; and with witnessing their school system’s mediocrity, they called Arden.

Learn Something Every Day

Civic literacy is equally as fundamental a need as reading, writing and numeracy. We live in a political world where under 25 percent of adolescents of the world’s leading country are proficient in civics. How can anyone pursue life, liberty and happiness when they don’t know they already possess these rights and that their government’s  role is to secure them?

Arden Santana
Co-Founder & Director
Our Vision

Who We Are

“Excellence costs…. Learning is the indispensable investment required for success in the 'information age'….”

From ”A Nation at Risk: the Imperative for Educational Reform”

In 1983, a two-year old National Commission on Excellence in Education, under authority of the Department of Education, released a report declaring American education mediocre because it doesn’t prioritize spiritual, cultural and economic standards. The commission went as far as describing the nation’s lax performance as an “act of [civil] war.” As if a war analogy isn’t profane enough, the report advises Americans to seriously invest in an above par education, deeming “knowledge, learning, information, and skilled intelligence” as the keystones of success and survival in the globalized world and technological age we’re living in. The commission concluded from its research that “a commitment to life-long learning,” and better teaching and learning in the areas of English, history, geography and economics particularly, are among the solutions to existing educational problems. Almost forty years later, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the mask off the United states’ public school system, revealing that not much has improved. This unfortunate reality adversely affects not just all of American citizenry’s ability to participate in and benefit from world interdependence, but the individual man and woman’s ability to be autonomous.  The pandemic, furthermore, combined with this revelation of the state of U.S. education, is shifting families’ choices as parents strive to balance their children’s remote or hybrid schooling with their own work life and desire to reclaim control of their child(ren)’s education. SĀHGE Academy exists as a solution to your problem with schooling.

Culturally Responsive

Our teaching approach is learner-directed, inclusive of the diversity of cultural experiences and influences, and embedded in the sociopolitical and economic structures that make up our interconnected world.

Skilled Intelligence

The bedrock of our curriculum is literacy. Reading comprehension and writing proficiency are the prerequisites for mastery in any and all other critical skills and areas of knowledge. Civic literacy is essential to our purpose, vision and educational philosophy.


Life-long learning means that even as adults, we expect to learn something more or acquire new skills as we progress in our lives. With that in mind, we create courses for the enrichment of entire families.

Arden is an amazing teacher and intelligent woman. I am so grateful that my daughter is learning [Language Arts and Social Studies] with SAHGE Academy because this is definitely my weakest area. I am just filled with gratitude knowing that she is learning from a teacher that cares with an interactive class!

Kalin B.