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Education Beyond Traditional Schooling.

Evoking confidence and strengthening parents and caregivers’ commitment to being their children’s primary educator.

Skills You Will Learn

What do you need and want for your family academically? culturally? spiritually? economically?

SĀHGE Academy teaches critical skills, provides core subject support and enriches learning through the arts

SĀHGE is an acronym for Science, Arts, History, Government and Economics which serves as the core of our curriculum offerings.

Our program is oriented to students and their family’s goals and values and to an educational philosophy that is purposedriven, learnerdirected, creativity-oriented, and enterprising. Our vision is to enlighten families to embrace self-agency, in order to accomplishgoals based on an understanding of the importance of civic goals and economic empowerment. Our lesson series are meaningful to learners, manageable from home, and measured by action, production and creation.

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SĀHGE Academy cherishes the timeless “best practices” of oral tradition, pen-to-paper notetaking and writing, and hands-on experience for optimal learning while blending the modern tools of technology and virtual reality for an education that facilitates the knowledge, information and skills needed to participate in and influence an increasingly digitized world.  

Our approach is interdisciplinary, experiential, engaging and supportive. Instruction is student-centered, inclusive of culturally relevant content for indigenous families of color, and empowers learners with the literacy and skills necessary to thrive in a global economy. 

Empowering Families to Pursue Liberty and Happiness through  Literacy, Study and Practice

Curriculum Scope and Sequence

“Never let schooling interfere with education.”

Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

Mandated school closings due to the pandemic unveiled a surge in desire for alternatives to traditional schooling. But feelings of incompetence and conflicting work schedules prevent parents from making a schooling choice that best meets the needs of the entire household. 

 SĀHGE Academy is a safe and personalized alternative. We empower families to exercise the right to educate their offspring in a way that’s culturally and spiritually responsive. Our curricula restore the significance of subjects devalued under test-driven educational policy and legislation. And we provide experienced teachers and curriculum support for superior educational outcomes. 

Live and Interactive Classes

We make learning enjoyable with an integrated platform that allows for student interaction, formative assessment activities, and real-time teacher feedback and assistance to ensure optimal learning.

Fundamental Skills for Mastering Self

Our interdisciplinary course offerings are the vital resources needed for social mobility and ideal quality of life.

Education for the Whole Family

We are a community of families who value life-long learning.


Trusted by Students and Families

Ratings & Reviews
"I just wanted to say you guys are doing a phenomenal job. The classes are helpful and informative. Jay and I appreciate all the work you put into making tough topics easier to address. Thanks to your classes, we just confidently bought a whole life insurance policy!"
La-Tina J.
"I found some old essays written by my 17 year old self in the 12th grade classroom of the BEST English teacher I’ve ever had! Not only did she push me to be a better writer but also a better thinker/philosopher. Thank you, Arden Santana, you made a huge impact on many.”
Raynoldo R.
"Suman thoroughly enjoyed your class Mama Arden and wants more! Thank you for keeping her excited about learning!"
Tasha V.
"Powerful. Auriyah enjoyed the class and Amayah has a great time learning. You really have a passion for teaching."
Shayla S.

Get the Confidence and Support You Need to Educate Beyond School

SĀHGE Academy uses a social learning model powered by knowledge, information and technology to fuse learners’ interest with academics to accomplish goals.

We are unaccredited in solidarity to the right and responsibility to educate our children without government hindrance.

We’re a membership of  parents who acknowledge ourselves as our children’s first and primary educator, whether they’re enrolled in a traditional school, an alternative school or home schooled.

Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

Purpose Driven

Students select classes, project and activities according to what’s meaningful, valued and on par with established goals.

Learner Directed

Students choose learning paths based on interest and innate talent(s).

Creation Oriented

Learning is assessed by what learners produce.


Learners accomplish in bold pursuit of academic, civic and vocational goals.